2017 OWX Reflection

The 2017 online exchange was not what I thought it would be because I thought it was just somebody who looked over our righting that we had no relationships with, but she is kind of like a friend. I like how we actually met them in person. I like how she didn’t just point out all the things I did wrong she also points out the things I did right.
How can we make It better you may ask? I think you can make it better by coming hear or we go there more than once. When we have the meet ups make the righting time longer because the first time I didn’t have enough time to write a story. We should have a story we right as a group.

2016 Volleyball

One of my best friends, Brittney convinced me to play volleyball. I knew nothing about it but I still decided to do it. At the first practice I felt like I didn’t belong, I was so confused I didn’t know how to do any of basics stuff like bumping the ball. I was so embarrassed. I felt stupid. I was the only one who didn’t know all the stuff that the other girls knew. Mrs. Robertson would work with me to the side sometimes. Before the first game, I emailed her telling that I wanted to quit because I was bad and I did not want to make the team lose because of me. I did not know that the whole team could see the email. The next day all the girls told me not to quit, and that it would be the whole teams fault if we lost. Mrs. Robertson said that she wouldn’t make me play at the games if I didn’t want to play. Later on in the season, I became better, and I gained confidence in what I was doing, so I started to play more. Mrs. Robertson and all my teammates supported me. My teammates also hel…

Grandma Colfack

Grandma Colfack
My grandma Colfack has always been there for me. I have been going to her house after school for as long as I can remember. When I was little my brother and I would race down stairs after eating our supper on Christmas Eve, and we would separate our presents and try to figure out what we got. Grandma has short gray hair with bangs that she brushes off to the side. She has dark brown eyes with black glasses sitting on the bridge on her nose. Her white pearl earrings poking through her ear and a gold chain necklace sitting on her chest. She has Three rings wrapped around her fingers. There are scars on her knees where she had surgery. My grandma has a great attitude, there is always a smile across her face. We know that we are always welcome to go to her house. She is a very caring person. Grandma always put her needs to the side and put ours first. Grandma can’t really go far easily any more. Going to places like Omaha where the doctors can help her become hard. She has suc…